Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A birthday party and a ketam fiesta xD

I guess it was last Sunday, but seriously, i forgot the date. But heckyeah, it was one unforgettable day. Sunday was really a busy busy day, i guess. Err, too many open house to be attended, but the'last one' was my aunt's house at rawang, auwwhh. Finally got to meet the most adorable plus the sweetest babygirl alisya, yess, she is the CUTEST, cant wait to cubit her chubby pink cheeks. The minute mama entered the house, yeah. Seperti biasa, the usual things she would do, haha. No need to know laah people, oh yeah, hasya and nina were also there (who are those people? Hihi, my crazyy lil weirdo friends of course) Yeah, we talk nonsense all the time. But it was fun, sarah brought her twillight saga book that day. The book was only about the twillights character, and some scene parts,
Who's with me? Come on, put your hands up, teehee.
Yeah, boo for jasper, haha. I dont know what she did with the book but she's really into jasper. So moving on to the next chapter, we ate ketam today, auntie ieja makes the awesomest bestest nyummiest ketam a humanbeing could serve for dinner. Gosh. I could eat a whole plate if i could ( p's: i did ) Well, tthere's still so much things i would want to tell you guys but you might get bored, i know, haha. So i'll just put pictures, yeah, that would be easy (:

alisya and hafiz's birthday :)
Hanna, sorry, but i just dont have the guts to delete this picture, teehee xD

Saraaaaa :P
KETAM FIESTAA BABYY, uhh and there's hasya and over there is nina xD

yeah, she's mad :P
A bit blurr -,-
nina and saraa :]