Friday, December 03, 2010

Sleepover babyy :D

YEAH, ilya si beruk dan mira si comel anak halimauu itu, comelkan kita? Hoho, no offence ilya, jokingg :D
l  Once again, gambar yang tidak ada kena mengena dengan ini post. But who cares kan? Comel what l

I know i've not been updating my blog for a long time, i guess, been lazzyy as alwayss laah.
But today i want to story morry you guys about ilya's sleepover-ing at my house. Well ,she had been staying here for about two weeks and a half i guess, lama kan? Lama kan? Haha, it's super great to have someone to accompany me here at home as you all know i don't actually have a little sister or whatever laah, and it's torturing being surrounded by my bro's cause they will eventually tease me like always or cari pasal with me everydayy, sangat menyakitkan hati laah ,haih~

So ilyaa's going back this veryy friday, ouch, how i'm gonna really miss her here, without ilyaaa here, everything will change and it will all be the same again. Ada ilyaa happening, best gilaa, she's really fun to be around with laah, understands what i've been through. Ilyaa, takde kau nanti aku nak cakap dengan siapa lagi? Siapa yang akan selalu ade kat sisi aku nanti? Aku nak gelak dengan sape? Duhh ,ilyaa oh ilyaaaa . Sepanjang kau kat rumahh aku, memang best. Takkanku lupaa saat-saat kitaa luang bersamaa, haha.

Yeah, lots of things happened lately but you know me? I'm too lazyy to type .
So this maybe the last sleepover we're gonna have laah, haihh, and i promise you ilya that i'm gonna spend it like it's our last timee together, haa? Haha ,that's freakyy weird. Okayy ,last of all , i do love you lil kiddo a.k.a ilyaa izzati shahnoor and lil nutsy riri a.k.a sabrina sabri ,
you guys are the best i ever had ,and i can't afford to lose you guys ,NEVER! :)
Yeah, no matter what happen we're always gonna be bestfriends forever and noone can ever separate us  from each other cause we are sisters ,mark my words baby!