Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Pheww ,

Yesterday me and my fam's went to the mamak stall with ilya following us of course, haha. Then 'someone' called ilya, agak lama laah jugak mereka berbual then suddenly out of nowhere my mum asked 'sape call ilya tu ya?' Yess, that is my surname ,no need to follow. Then i replied back by saying ' tu ******** laah maa' . Haha, seriously after that i thought it was all over but i was wrong, mama keep asking me kenapa laah tu laah ni laah ,so i have to tell her everything .
It's quite funny how she's really not mad or angry or whatever, and that's why i can always talk to her just about everythin, mama cakap jangan pernah pun berahsia dengan mama so i won't laah, except for some things laah that for sure i can't tell her.
 Now she knows everything i'm quite relieve and a lil bitt mad actually cause my bro keeps teasing me all the way, hmm. Haaa yeah, i totally forgot the main thing i wanna tell you guys here, when we were having 'The Talk' in a good way laah. Whoaa guys seriously jangan fikir yang bukan-bukan, haha, then mama told us all about her when she was in primary school when she was at my age. Okay sangat laah panjang, i was'nt that listening. Daydreaming as always and then angguk-angguk ajaa, haha. Mari geleng ke kiri ke kanan pulaa ,mari ramai-ramai bersama-sama. Muahahahahha, mira dah sawan, lagu apa tu? Tak pernah wujud pun, haha. Okayy itu sahaja untuk ini halii maa, malas nak type, bubbye ;)