Thursday, December 16, 2010

Keretaa ta taa :P

Tonight was quite funny actually ,HAHA. Just now ,me ,my dad and my bro's went to the mamak stall for supper. Okayy ,let's just move on then . Malas laah nak ceritaa ,you all know what happen kan ,makan macam biase laah ,haha .
So when nak balik ,oh yeah ,i also brought my Ipod . I listened too it like i always doo laah in the carrr ,but when Rihanna's song came up ,the title is S AND M. Ohmygayy ,i'm really inlovee with that song ,somehow ,it just makes me wanna dance and shake muhh bodayyyy babeyyyy ,haha . Okay, stop it mira*

I know i'm pretty nuts tonight ,and guess what? I did'nt even showered todayy ,i mean tonight . Morning semestinyaa sudaa ,heee . And take my advice ,ALWAYS shower ,my badan is getting itchy now ,serve you right miraaa ,bhaha . Oh yeah ,back to the main topic ,when i was listening to the song ,i did sing it too ,and believe me ,when i sing ,i sing it out loud ,haha .

Guess what? When i was obviouslyy singing it out loud ,it feels like my heart almost pop out or something but it sure makes a reaction of my face and my brother who was seating infront of me ,look back and stared at me with his weird reaction like always .Yeah ,i must confess ,i have one prettyweird bro alright . Hahaha, it was really funny with his innocent face looking at me like i'm one crazyy woman . Haha ,yeah . I was crazyyy at that momentt , oh i wish i could show you guys how his face looks like but too bad i did'nt bring my camera with me ,takkan expect pergi mamak bawa' camera kot ,haha ><

Okayy ,i guess that's all fr tonight, goodnight and take care people (;