Tuesday, November 02, 2010

My sweetappleduppling cupcake :)

i love you demitriathirah (:

Demmy , my sweet sweet apple duppling hunnybunch baby. She's my bestfriend ,more like a sister to me. We've been through everything together ,she is the best i have ever had. 
I will never ever leave her ,we're like soulmates. Whoaa ,okay ,that's too much ,i think we're like demy lovato and selena gomez,just even closer. She always got my back and i'll do the same. We share our problems and i could just tell her about just everything. I trust her alot ,she never bails on me, but i know i do.

I'm sorry demmay ,you know i love you right? We support each other and yeah, she's hellaaaaa kindd and so commmmel. She just dont want to admit that. Haha, oh demmy ,what would i ever do if we had never became friends ,and i thank so much to god that we did. I will always protect this relationship and will never ever ever ever and ever and everrr be such a stupid and useless person to let it go. NEVERRRR! 
I love you wif all my heart demmay ,and i truly just do. Thanks for everything ,your kindness ,your patienceness and everything laah. 

And lastly ,thanks for being such a nicegoodkind-heartedsweetlovelycuteprettyamazingawesommess bestfriendd ever. I will never ever regret knowing you ,and you will always forever be my one-and-only  demmay ,i love you Nur Damia Athirah, forever and always (:

p's : please dont ever leave me demmy ,i will always need you by my side (:
Yours truly , your one and only sys ammay who loves you.