Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sorry, are you my friend?

"It's soooo stupid how somebody you know and lovee would treat you like a complete stranger just because they were with someone H-O-T-T-E-R ,damn "
Sabrina Allen

Yeah, that's true and that's shit. Your friend who you knew long enough would do shits like that They dont even know how it feels like. They just act like nothing happen and just get it all over with. It sucks being in that condition. Yeah, i'm a lil bit jealous bout that, but i know i should'nt be .

What really dissapoints me is that you rather go and have fun with your new hot friends than your own bestfriend.

You broke my heart into pieces and dont ever dream i would get it all over with and just forgive you for that .
It all begins at Desa Waterpark  yesterday when you actually did treat me like i am noone and a complete stranger, it reallly hurts when i saw you're laughing your gas out with her, holding hands and i can't believe i actually cried for that ,thanks for leaving me behind, i appreciated it and i hope you realize what you just did. This conversation ends here and our friendship lasts now-
And for your information, i rather be friends with losers than jerks like you, thank you (:

And a special thanks to Demmy, Sabrinaa, Nina, Ilya, Adriana, Fadrez, Aizat for trying to cheer me up. I really  appreciate it and really do love you guys .xoxo