Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Result day is coming :O

-    I loveeeee this pictureee ,hoho xD   -

Okayy mira ,calm yourself down ,so its not a big deal that the UPSR RESULTS are coming out tomorrow ,Okayy ,i'm panicking now ,of course it's a big deal idiot ,damn ,i'm nervous like hell ,seriously like you'll never know how many A's you'll get ,so tomorrow is a big day of my life and its too bad my mum cant accompany me for tomorrow causee she got one important meeting at Sabah ,so that means she's going to sabah ,weeeee ,nak ikutt nak ikutt ,eyh mama ,dont forget to buy some souvenirs for us here? haha ,absolutely gonna miss you mama .

okayy ,so back to the main story here ,so i'm a bit concern on what i'll do if i would'nt get 5A'S ,oh i'm scared ,i want to go to SERI PUTERI CYBERJAYA so badly laa ,with adriana , nina ,alin ,mira and reena or maybe more. haha ,that would be so much  fun .Insya'Allah i can get 5A'S ,and also all my beloved friends who are one of the UPSR CANDIDATES ,goodluck guys ,i wish the best for ya'll ,and also a veryy goodluck for me too ,i'll need all of your supports and pray for me and all of my friends for success .Haiyaa ,what am i talking about? haha ,baek gilaaaa :D

*P's : i want to thanked all of my cousins ,friends ,siblings ,bestfriends ,teachers ,aunties ,ucnles and last but not least my beloved parents for always being there for me and for your lovely advices ,what would i ever do without you guys,thanks for all the supports and i am truly sorry if i have ever made any mistakes towards you guys ,just take that as jokes ,you know ,haha (: