Saturday, September 25, 2010

Such a fool :\

The big examination is finally over. No more stressings, ohyeah babyy!
Wait wait, i just remember something. There's still one more exam for me to take, PKSR, ngehngeh -,-
You know i was about to feel the fresh air, oh comeon, so much for the drama's, pftt :P
I'm still excited but really frusrated at the moment, its all because of that penulisan, 
i really did messed up, gosh. You should have seen me doing the laporan.

I  was so panicked but  i tried calming myself down, but god.
Masa only have 5 minutes left. I was blank, nothing :\

 I thought of rubbing eveything, but i changed my mind so i did'nt rubbed it all of. Well, at least i did'nt leave a blank paper kan? When the whole thing was over, i cried so bad. I just hope i did well, i'm scared to guts.
I keep praying to god, but at the same time, i just cant stop thinking about it. What a bad bad luck ):
It's good to have mama beside me, yeah she comforted me that time. Yaalaa, i was crying laah dude,
and then cikgu mahizan hugged me, auwwh. And she told me that it was okay, oh i love you cikgu :')