Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stress is eating me alive -,-

Uwaahh, the last trial is tomorrow and i have'nt studied yet, SHIT! Goshh, am hell nervous, 
but still boleh online 'FB'and 'MYS'. Haha, abah, as usual, membebel the whole day saying the same thingg over and over again, well I deserve it. Oh i'm scared to guts, i think i cant sleep tonight. Grrr, Oh come on , 
i hope its not that hard, I just HOPE so. The last time i said that, it was damn hard and i was sweating ..
and alott ,doing the exam. I really dont want to dissapoint my parents again, I just dont want to be a failure anymore, like my ex-teacher used to say:

"Don't let anything let you down and always try your best , dont easily give up till you finally reach the stars"
it means a lot to me and i really dont want to dissapoint my teachers anymore*

I already promised nenek to study hard and make her proud by getting all 5A'S. 
I really dont want to dissapoint her. Well, she's in Makkah now and I hope she takes good care of herself. Before she leaves, 
she gave me some money and to promise to study hard. Haih, i dunno :\

and by that , I will never break that promise, DEMI NENEK! Ohyeah, LOL.
Okey, that's all for now. I'm gonna focus on math now, because i suck at it and everybody knows that , 
but i like math, though. Teehee, i started to like math when one of my friends told me that if we hate math , then math will hate us back. Err, and i accidently believed that.
But who cares actually. Okayy, i'm done merepek-ing now,
Bubbye and wish me luck for tomorroww guys (;

P'S:To all my friends in 6a, 6b, 6c, 6d and 6e.