Friday, February 04, 2011

Go to hell boley? :D

 l Stop acting like everything's fine already! l

Is it true? What she said about you? Or.... am I, only dreaming? You said I did'nt text you? And call you? You're too stupid not to know. The day I got back from STF, I... texted you b'cause I know i did'nt wish you happy birthday on your birthday so i texted you to wish, but sad, you did'nt reply. Day by day passed by, still have'nt heard anything yet from you so i thought and thought hard to myself nak call you ke taknak. So after a few minutes trying to think off calling you or not. I finally called you to ask you how you were doing and all that, but sad, the number you have dialled is unavailable. You never knew how many times i had called you :') Thank you alott fr treating me like i am a complete stranger to you, thanks. Seriously, no hard feelings. I understand and i do appreciate it. And now, you have lost it babyy and i'm so glad it happen. Now, i want you to do something for me before i completely erase you from my life. GET LOST YOU BIATCH :)

Mira x