Monday, November 29, 2010

Interview sucks~

I went to the SSP interview today, you wanna know how i'm feeling today?
Well, first of all, really dissapointed and quite nervous laah, haiyyaa. I dont know if i did good or whatever cause to me i suck. When it is my turn to be interviewed, i just knew (yeah baru tahu) from a new friend
that we have to speak in 'ENGLISH' . Yeah, it's not that quite a big deal, but for me it is, according to my dad, some people just knows how to write english but does'nt know how to speak it well, and guess what? I'm one of them, haha. But that does'nt mean i can't speak english, i am just not confident with what i'll say. Mama told me it was okayy, you don't have to be all perfect, grammar bagus and all that, tah pape laah, i still hope i did good eventhough i did'nt. Haihh, i wanna go to SERI PUTERI BADLYYY MAA :O

Yeah, before the interview started,we all got the chance untuk round-round sekeliling that sekolah laah.
Shit, their basketball court is just gorgeous laah, tanah rumput rataa maa, sangat itu clean sama itu cantek maa. Haiyaaa, and then we went off to the BILIK-BILIK ASRAMA ,quite scaryy tapi one room have to be share with 12 people laah and also tak follow our batch. That means campur-campur, form 4, form 2 and macam-macam lagi laah. So tak takut sangatlaah nanti, hehe. After the whole thing, mama and me round cyberjayaa and makan S-A-B-A' for a while b'cause my interview helded on petang, i got number 109 ,we were expected to be at the school before 1:30, but when we came, we had to wait for about 2 hours before my name was called, not my, OUR ,yeah ramai-ramai ,but in the room, sorang-sorang laah. Hmm, so it ended about 4 something, i don't know, tak tengok jam, malas. HAHA, syukur Alhamdulillah it's all finally over.

Oh yeah, in a week or two, the result will come out. I'll pray to god hope i will be the chosen one.
Eceh suckkaaii, haha. Still though, i need your guys support, pray for me and adriana, i really really really wanna go there sooooo badly, hmph hmph*