Friday, November 05, 2010

Hello, I'm here guys

Sometimes, i hate my family, every one of them and that includes my mum. I dont know why but she always change when my bro came back from his MRSM. Ergh, he is sooooo annoyyingg and irritating, and my mum is always on his side. That's soo unFAIRR. I know he is the oldest of all but somehow he always wins. 
Well, should'nt lil sisters should? Haha, i know i'm not always right, but i still have my right to do the right thing eventhough i dont always do that. But can't you at least, have a lil, or just a bit pity on me? I still exist, though.

At least, take care of my feelings here. And yeah ,that goes with my lil bro also. Damnn anoyyingggggggggggg as can be, beyond annoyingg, sooo anooyinggggg, and my big bro is always on his side too. Ya know that's veryyyyyyy not fairrr, not fair, not fairr, so now who's gonna be on my side? Ouch, that hurts okayy :(

I cant actually believe i have one annoying plus the irritating-ess family ever ,but what can i do, i live with them, heh~