Thursday, October 28, 2010

Terengganu trip, woohoo :D

Okayy again, pictures yang tidak ada kena mengena with the post. Haha

Jyeahh, back to the main story, my trip to Terengganu was a heck of fun.Wish to go there again with sabrinaa joining me and ilyaa. It will surely be a blast, of course. But too bad, it's too late :\

Bak kate cik ilya izzati kita ni,cukup2 tiga orang baru boleh jadi setan, haha :D

I love how she said that, haha.Crreeppyy. Anyways, we bertolak like almost 10:45 p.m something, i was feeling a lil bit sad, first time pergi jauh-jauh from my family, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Oh whattheheck, benda dah lepas kan? Aha. Its good to be home, feeling the fresh air. What am i talking about? Hihi, sorry. I'm a lil bit hyper tonight. In the bus i sat next to ilyaaa which was hella fun, we were the only ones with the weird attitudes, you wanna know what we did in the bus, okayy, let me tell you.

First of all, we screamed without any of good reasons, made funny faces.To tell you the truth, ilyaaa could win an award for making the funniest plus weirdest face everr, cause she nailed it, haha. I adore you ilya izzati. And plus we also slept late later on, i pretty much guessed ilya slept like 3 something, haha. GILAAA kan?
It was awesome that we stopped for an R&R for almost like every hour, teeehee.
I was pretty sleepy so i did'nt have the mood to go anywhere, but i did. Yeah yeah, blaa di blaa di blaaa, 
i dont know what to write now, cause i'm fully blanked, haha. Okay, back to normal. Hours past by, the clock strikes 5 in the morning, and ustaz talhah turns on the 'LASKAR PELANGI MOVIE' but to make it short we called the movie lintang, haha, all thanks to Fareez Imran, whoa full name for the first time.
*Jakon sekejap*

Finally the time we have been waiting for, we finally arrived at Terengganu safe&sound, i would've move my but if i could, damn it hurts alot. HAHA, that's for sitting for quite a long time, i guess. And did i tell you that Dinie Daniel, my leader on my team, and i'm his assistant ,hikhik. Weird much, he just likes to tease me in the bus calling names, and so on but i could'nt careless, cause he will always be the 'muka itik one'. I said that, and i am proud to say its true. So we manage to get to our chalet and get ready for the next activity which was river crossing and canoeing, canoeing was crazzyyy awesome and i rode it with ilyaa, seriously she was scared and i was like laughing like hell, HAHAHA.You guys should have seen her face when she panicked ,we hit things alot, like seriously. After canoeing, there's river crossing, after the whole thing, we were given time to rest and eat, the food they serve there were not as i thought, it was quite delicious, hikhik.

That same night, Ustaz informed us that there's gonna be night walking. God, me and ilyaa were hella scared, and yeah, ilyaa cried, pity her. The jurulatih told us that we will be walking in front of graves and there's gonna be leech and all of that nonsense, i felt like choking that guy infront of everyone if he did'nt make ilya cried for good, i mean, like yeah. I could if i have the guts too, but sad i can't. Curse you old man :P

Before we started night walking, the old man gave us time to prepare ourselves, and i was so gelabah,
i wanted to wear&brought everything wif me and that includes bringing the Yaasin with me, haha  incase anything happens but it surely works, nothing bad or awful happened to me nor ilyaa ,syukur Alhamdulillah. Except for the screaming parts, ecehh, but still, Adriana, my friend cried at the middle of the forest.
Pityy her, she was so scared and was feeling really weak, and thanks to god she was okay (:
So it was a really long nite, after the whole thing, we went back to our chalets and got ready for sleep, but us ,by that i mean all my roommates. Haha ,did'nt sleep early, but some did laah. Okayyy, to make it short,
i'll just go for tomorroww.

Tidakkk, nooo. Haha, you wanna know why i'm screaming? Well ,its the last day at terengganu ,i dont wanna leave ,i wanna stay there forever if i could. With my friends of course, waitt ,okayy ,that's nuts. Yeah ,back to the storyy. So before we actually went back to school, we did stop by at some other places which were the national mosques, and yeah, so on and on, in the bus, it was a whole lot of fun, tooo funnn, awesomeeee ,crazyness happens all the time, haha.You dont wanna know ,it was kindaa a really super duper long journey and my hands are now really tired of typing, so i guess i'll stop now. 
Its all worth it ,hope you ENJOYYYY reading this and bai muh people :')

P'S: Damnnnnn,i'm sweatingg, haha, you dont need to know :p