Monday, September 06, 2010

Err , bad day maybe?

IOkay, that's not the jeans. Who cares, this is just a picture, like yeah ;DI

Yesterday post , Grrr , frust frustt --,

Yesterday Sunday night. My dad and bro's went to terawih, so there's just me, mama and adik.Seriously, we got nothing to do, so mama ajak pergi metro kajang. To SHOPPING laah, heee :D We went to parkson and mama was busy searching a baju raya, a present for my tok we.
I was doing nothing so I pun jalan laah hulur-hilir sana sini until I saw the  'VOIR SHOP', whoaa :O
So ape lagi? Lari ke sana laah, teehee.

Alangkah terkejutnye, when i 'finally' found my dream jeans.
I been searchingg for that jean for months now, thank god. But, yeah there's a but :'(
Unfortunately, i tried it on .And guess what? It did'nt fit, at all. Pffft, i was frustrated and sad at the moment,  Siapa tak kecewa kan? Hell no, my dream jeans. And the size i want dah habis --' 
Serve you right miraa, suka makan now conclusionnya ?

Haha, but thanks to mama, she told me it was okay and we can continue searching until we find it, but i am not relieve at all, seriously? Sape tak? Haish --. 
Bad day and was in a bad mood that whole night .

*One day i'm gonna be that skinny, tall type of girl and i can wear anythingg, jyeah. HAHA, in my dreams.
And at that same time, i will and not be called 'besar' anymore, LOL xD